School’s out!

With today being Palm Beach County’s last day of school, we bring you this wonderful old photo of some students who attended the Boynton High School in its last year of being used as a high school. We see the shadow of the coconut palm, the great 1940s era car, and smiling students! The last day of school was as joyful then as it is now.

Who can identify the make and model of the car?

Boynton High School - 1949

Boynton High School – 1949

The Shopkeeper

As I was looking through the past issues of The Historian newsletter, I came across a photo that I found fascinating. Sometimes a photo can truly show us how much the world has changed. The photo depicts Terrance Ward in his small grocery store. If you look carefully, there is much detail in the picture, and a few mysteries! What is hanging on the post in the middle of the picture – bananas? On the back shelf we see some good old-fashioned galvanized wash tubs and several neat rows of canned goods. On the counter to the right we see a scale and more stacked cans, and several open bins with produce. Near Mr. Ward’s feet we see some open crates with what look like apples.

What other details do you see?

Terry Ward in his grocery store.

Terry Ward in his grocery store.