Newspaper Research

Digitized Newspaper Collections

Boynton Herald 1927

Boynton Beach News 1954-1963

Boynton Beach News Journal 1967-1977

Boynton Beach Monday Paper 1987

Boynton Beach Star 1961-1968

The Lake Worth Herald Newspaper 1912-1970

Boca Raton News 1936-1985

Chronicling America – The Library of Congress collection – prior to 1923

The Tropical Sun – Palm Beach County’s First Newspaper

Palm Beach Post Collection

List of Newspapers in Google News Archive

Florida Digital Newspaper Library The Florida Digital Newspaper Library includes: Current Florida newspapers, digitized from 2005 – present, and Historic Florida newspapers. All of the over 2.6 million pages of historic through current Florida newspapers in the Florida Digital Newspaper Library are openly and freely available with zoomable page images and full text



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