Local History Books

Boynton Beach Historical Society. (1995). Boynton Beach: The First 100 Years.  Boynton Beach, Fla: Boynton Beach Historical   Society and the Library.

Brown, Callie Rousseau, and Marilyn K. Rousseau. (2007). Sun on My Hair  Sand in My Shoes : A Life Lived in Old Boynton, Florida, and Beyond. Carmel, Ind.: Hawthorne Publishing.

DeVries, Janet. (2006). Around Boynton Beach. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing.

DeVries, Janet. (2012). Sport Fishing in Palm Beach County. Charleston, SH: Arcadia Publishing.

Gill, M. Randall and the Boynton Beach City Library. (2005). Boynton Beach. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing.

Goodkin, Elethea M. (1985). The History of the Boynton Beach Municipal Beach. [Place of publication not identified]: [publisher not identified].

Linehan, Mary Collar. (1980). Early Lantana, Her Neighbors–and More. Saint Petersburg, Fla: B. Kennedy.

Meeks Light, Dr. Martha Norfus. (2013) Sweet Pineapples: A Touching Memoir About a Black Family. [place of publication not identified]:[publisher not identified].

Norfus, Victor D. (2016). Foundations of Faith : Early African Americans in Boynton Beach Florida. Boynton Beach, Fla.

Palm Beach County Genealogical Society. (2006). Boynton Beach Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida: index of burials, August 1903 through April 2005. West Palm Beach, Fla: Palm Beach County Genealogical Society.

Pedersen, Ginger, and Janet DeVries. (2012). Pioneering Palm Beach: the Deweys and the South Florida Frontier. Charleston, The History Press.

Warnke, James R, and Jay I. Kislak Reference Collection/Library of Congress. (1971). Ghost Towns of Florida. Boynton Beach, Fla: Star Pub.

Yost, Robert, (2020). Late to the Party in the Roaring Twenties and That Tropical Paradise Called Florida.Lanham, MD: Pineapple Press.

Many of these books are available at the Boynton Beach City Library and the Palm Beach County Library System. Some are also for sale at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center, Boynton Beach, the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and at Amazon.com

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