Timeline – 1900s

1900 – New century dawns in Boynton and settlers from Illinois and Michigan continue to migrate to the area.
1902 – Fred S. Dewey plants 7 acre orange grove along canal in the muck lands.
1906 – Boynton Hotel erects large sign on Ocean Avenue.
1906 – “Rock Road” is opened from Miami to West Palm Beach.
1906 – Boynton Beach Boulevard, then called Lake Street, extended to the fresh water lake (about where Old Boynton intersects) to aid pineapple farmers.
1907 – Bert Kapp builds his two-story frame house, today known as the “Andrew’s House.”
1907 – State chemists tout the healthful benefits of the water at the Boynton Hotel
1909 – Byrd Spilman Dewey donates her large book collection to create a “Free Reading Room.” Books are kept in the post office.
1909 – Boynton Woman’s Club is founded.

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