Timeline – 1910s

1910 – New post office opens on Ocean Avenue.

1910 – Pineapple crops have a bad season due to blight and cheap pineapples from Cuba.

1910 – Leading citizen Cullen Pence dies in tragic accident with handgun. Pence Park is named in his honor.

1910 – Ten-year-old Lyman Boomer draws bird’s eye map of the town – later becomes illustrator and author.

1911 – Major Nathan S. Boynton passes away May 27, 1911 in Port Huron, Michigan.

1911 – Horace Bentley Murray completes the wooden swing bridge across the Florida Coast Line Canal (today’s Intracoastal Water).

1911 – H.B. Murray builds a new home in Boynton, still standing today.

1911 – Emory Hodges becomes the first Boynton citizen to own an automobile.

1912 – A. Romyn Pierson purchased the inland of Manalapan as a gift for his wife, Leila.

1913 – Boynton Elementary School, designed by Baltimore architect William Maughlin opens on Ocean Avenue.

1914 – World War I begins. Boynton Beach Women assist in the efforts with the American Red Cross.

1919 – Flu epidemic claims the lives of nearly a dozen Boynton area pioneers.

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