Past History Talks

History Lectures from Former Meetings

Naughton, Janet DeVries. (March 2020). From West Palm Beach to Harlem: Augusta Savage, Sculptor & Civil Rights Activist.

Naughton, Janet DeVries (February 2021). Major Nation Boynton and His Boynton Beach Hotel.

Davis, Gillian Wimbourne. (2010).  Memories of Boynton Beach & Miss Gillian’s School of Dance

Davis, Gillian Wimbourne. (2010).  The History of Public Broadcasting in Boynton Beach 1968-1994

Miss Gillian School of Dance 1967 (Courtesy of the Boynton Beach City Library Local History Archives)            Miss Gillian adjusts the posture of one of two teen girls, both in leotards, while two children look on. Names on back: Debbie Stoffregen, Vicki Olson, Miss Gillian, Lane Lecrenier, Kathleen Linehan.


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