The Wireless Telephone of 1913

This blog does not directly tie to Boynton history, but I found it while looking for information on a 1913 Boynton news event. The only South Florida online paper from that era is the Daily Miami Metropolis; the Palm Beach Post does not appear until 1916. I was scanning the headlines and saw an interesting title “A Glimpse of the Future;”  the writer was making predictions on the newspaper of the future, as seen by the Macon News. I thought this would be a good chuckle to see some fanciful musings of our future life. But what I found was a prophecy that would make Nostradamus jealous.

Some of the prophecies:

“…its pages will be smaller, methods of distribution will be quicker and circulation will cover greater areas” – Newspaper pages have certainly shrunk in size.

“Morning and evening papers will be merged and editions will come out almost every hour of the day and night.” – There are no more evening papers with the Internet, cable TV and the 24 hour news cycle.

“News will be collected by wireless telephone and a reporter will always have a portable telephone with him with which he will communicate with his paper without the trouble of going to a telephone.” – The Mobile Phone

“The wireless telephone message will be delivered to the sub-editors in printed column form.’ – The Wireless Tablet

“All the news of the day will be given hot from its source.” – Live coverage of news events

“…a householder will have his daily newspaper printed in column form by a printing machine in his hall… – Desktop Home Printers

There is no byline in the article, so the prophet will remain a mystery. So what is your prophecy for the newspaper 100 years from today? The complete item from September 2, 1913 appears below.

Article from September 2, 1913 Daily Miami Metropolis

Article from September 2, 1913 Daily Miami Metropolis

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