Cappy, The Boynton Beach Fire Department’s Amorous Dalmatian

For this blog we are pleased to have a guest blogger, Michael Landress of the Boynton Beach Fire Department. His tale of Cappy is sure to bring a chuckle – BBHS Editors

In 1969, the Boynton Beach Fire Department adopted a five-week old Dalmatian puppy. The firemen decided to hold a contest for the local children around town to name the frisky pup. The winning submission, “Cappy,” was submitted by six-year old Michele Jones.  Tiny Miss Jones was awarded a $25 savings bond for her effort and the rest is history.
Cappy seemingly responded well to his new name and enjoyed his accommodations at the fire house. He always loved riding on the gasoline-powered fire engines, but shied away

Cappy the Dog

Cappy the Dog

from the fire trucks that burned diesel. Cappy could be gruff at times and loathed bath water, but for the most part he was fun to have around.  Early in his career he would ride beside the firemen on the fire engine. Upon arrival at the fire scene, he would stand guard over the truck — posing like a tail-wagging, spotted gladiator.
There are many accounts of Cappy’s shenanigans, including the time he wolfed-down 50 radishes during one sitting and his well-documented disdain for veterinarians. However, none of those dog-tales can quite compare to when he began noticing the female of the species.
With his instincts and hormones in high gear, he would peruse the warm night air like a kind of canine Romeo searching for romance and tomfoolery.  One evening, while lurking in the shadows, Cappy unlawfully entered a screened enclosure and proceeded to mate with a Westminster Kennel Club quality German Sheppard named Loki.
The owners of the show pooch were not too pleased with Cappy or the fire department. Loki’s owner was quoted in the Boynton newspaper as saying; “Cappy . . . he’s some fireman . . . he runs around starting his own fires!”  The city was forced to pay the veterinarian costs for Cappy’s late night rendezvous.  Cappy did eventually father a whelp named Daisy. Soon after, his roaming ways and Boynton days ended.
Cappy retired from the Boynton Beach Fire Department in 1976 to live on a farm in north Florida. It is unknown if Cappy ever found true love, but this writer is confident he lived out his dog days in style


Michael Landress

Michael Landress

Michael Landress is a native Floridian and novice historian. He has spent the previous 15 years as a professional firefighter/paramedic for the City of Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Department. He holds a BA from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida and his hobbies include; spending time with his two teenage sons, writing, photography, supporting the Miami Dolphins and saltwater fishing.

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2 Responses to Cappy, The Boynton Beach Fire Department’s Amorous Dalmatian

  1. Sandra Lautenschlager says:

    We acquired a Dalmatian puppy back in the 70’s and had her for twelve years. We were told, when we got her, that her daddy was Cappy, Boynton’s fire dog.

  2. kerri reardon says:

    I remember Cappy, we petted him on our way home from Boynton Elementary. I remember when Bill Cavanaugh dressed in a dalmation costume for a Christmas parade, it was 1974 or 1975.

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