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Do you have an interesting story, old photographs of the Boynton Beach area, or a historical artifact? We would love to hear from you! Just complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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4 Responses to Tell us your Story!

  1. Richard Castagnoli says:

    I have many old pictures to like Old wood school house (picture of grandfather as a boy) of my family history which gose back to 1901 in Boynton. Harper and Mayberry family.

  2. Christine Callander says:

    Hi there

    Can’t open any pictures on your web site.

    Does the historical boynton have a museum or a building to house all the fab historical material your society has collected? What about the old school House before Jerry Taylor tears it down?????

    Please get back to me so I can start a dialogue about making that a property historical museum. Maybe we can get the town to sell it to a non profit group for 1 dollar so we can fund raise and write grands for money to make it a museum.

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